If you join the world you will be able to find growth, you will find a certain kind of peace. The world has so much to offer, and, it is amazing how many people of the world have the same thoughts, inclinations, desires, and hopes or dreams as you. There is a learning experience that resonates that we are all common, different, but we have common denominators that make us the same. I have been very lucky to have had connection with people of many countries throughout my life, and, it has aided in rounding my character. If all the peoples of the world could realize how much we are alike, how much we think, act, or react the same, then, perhaps we could find peace, we could find co-existence without reason. It would just be!
I saw a man today, his skin was colored brown,
He was heading in my direction, his head was down,
As he approached me, he glanced in my direction,
And, I smiled at him with heartfelt affection.
He returned the smile, and, in his native tongue, inquired of my day,
I understood his message, and, replied in my best way;
We stood a moment and looked at one anothers face,
Admiring the the distinct differences of the others race;
It was pleasant to each of us, to harbor no disdain,
We were both humans, out walking on the same terrain.
I try to greet each face I meet in such a sharing way,
For each of us has purpose in each given day.
Our lives will cross the others, it is what the world holds,
And, our differences are the beauties that our God premolds,
He has no design for one race or the next, they are all His people true,
Therefore, it should be so easy to accept each other, as He will always do.
I like the colors, the sights, the sounds, the smells, of the cultural world in which I live,
It is to be understood that each one has something important to the whole of life to give.
So, think not of others as being different from you,
They all have the same feelings, dreams, and inclinations too,
People are people no matter from where they come,
And, believe it or not, we need the other, each and everyone...

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