Winter Whimsical

It is a cold, blustery winter day,
Spring is but a few long weeks away.
I cannot wait for the sun to shine bright again,
I will be happier and more productive then.
To hear the birds chirp, to smell freshly cut grass,
Oh, how I wish the freezing temperatures would pass...
I am aware that all seasons have their intended purpose,
It is a balancing act of nature, I suppose,
However, I miss the warm months, even the humidity,
As I would rather be hot than freezing constantly.
I feel better for the those who are homeless, and those who are in poverty,
When they are able to sleep in some comfort, and enjoy the beauty they see...
Such is the circle of life in all its splendid chaotic array,
Which brings amazement, amusement, and whimsical thoughts our way...

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