In every town, city, and area of America, there are festivals all summer long. Some are like farmer's markets, some are restaurant showcases, some are musical, some are a mixture of all...
Where I live, there are all kinds of festivals. Years ago, I would have never thought of going to a festival, but, you know, they are kinda cool.
Here, they have a festival called Arts, Eats, and Beats. It is one of the largest. There are like stages everywhere, hosting entertainment from around the city, and the world. I have seen many great artists, like Steppenwolf, Jefferey Osborne, Wild Cherry, The Isley Brothers, Marshall Tucker, and, many, many more.
There is artwork of every description, with food smells wafting on every ounce of airspace. Ribs, chicken, shish-kabobs, corn, elephant ears, plus, it is held in a restaurant district, so, food is bountiful.
Chicago has some of the best festivals around. One, which I love, is the Jazz Festival. What a great time that is. Chicago is a friendly environment, it is historically landscaped, it has some of the greatest architecture in America, and, in the summer time, Chicago is LIVE. There are hundreds of things to see and do.
The streets in downtown Chicago are clean, and well lined with flowers of every color and description. Navy Pier is one of my favorite places to go, as it is on Lake Michigan, and, it is quite a place to spend the day, or evening. There is countless entertainment, crafts, boats, boaters, tourists, locals, food, and, well, it is remarkable. The Pier also sports an indoor botanical garden which is stupendous to admire. Indoor shopping and outdoor fun, what a brilliant place for summer fun.
Yep, summer time is upon us. It is my favorite time of the year. It is full of sights, sounds, and, the smell of freshness, BBQ, and, floral paradise...

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