Implement honor in your dealings with anyone you come into contact with. Honor is the highest form of respect which one can give to another.

When you honor others, you will be honored as well.
You should honor your word, your work, your friends, your family, and, the rest of the world.

In the business world, it used to be the honor system which propelled companies to greatness. It is yet a tradition in some countries, such as Japan, to have honorable dealings in business, as well as, in your personal life.

Honor is imperative for good relationships. Without honor you have little to offer.
I make it a habit to honor my word. When I say something, I will follow through. It is imperative that I do so, as, I am a grown person, therefore, I have the option to say yay or nay, and, if I say yay, I will do something, then I must do it, for, it is my reputation, both personally, and, publicly at stake.

The definition of honor is, high regard or respect; personal integrity, reputation; privilege; used as a title for mayors and judges; to accept something as valid....

So, you see, we should already have all of the makings of an honorable person. The sad truth is that many people do not understand the value of being honorable. But, honor is without doubt one of the strongest statements a man/woman can make in their lifetimes....

Thus, I honor not only my own, but, those of the world. I honor honesty, dignity, integrity, perseverance, compassion, and, love... I honor you!

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