The World Order requires love to maintain the balance of the ways of life.
Obviously, love has different meanings for different countries and peoples... Why? Love is love.

Granted there are many types of love; that is personal, general, or, universal, but, we need to find a level of love which will become a totalitarian way of life.

Hatred and apathy have taken center stage in the life we lead. It is surely a sign of what is to come. We need to take a good, long look at this, and, begin to teach its adverse conditions and effects.

Of course, I am a dreamer, there is not an answer for the way things be.... I do not believe that!

It begins with one. It begins with that one teaching, through example, through perseverance, through manifested love...

Hatred and apathy can spread like wildfires, but, love is slow to spread? Why is this?

Are we actually that selfish and self-inclined that we do not have the time or the desire to change that which is changeable?

Do we really believe that we can exist in a world void of love, as long as we have some love at home?

Love is the easiest, and, the strongest way to correct the problems of today. I wish that our leaders, the religious sectors, as well as the teachers of the world, would begin a campaign aimed at inspiring love of self and mankind, that we might face the future as a whole society, as opposed to fragments of a social disorder....

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