Childhood memories... Ahhh, the days of simple pleasure, and, big ideas.

Time comes to change us, and, we long for those days when life seemed so easy; when all of our dreams seemed so obtainable. We long as if we had never amounted to what we had expected of ourselves.

Sometimes in our adult lives we are forced to begin anew. This is a perfect opportunity to act like a child again; that is, this is the time to consider new or old dreams being changed into reality.

Many people have lost their careers lately. And, many of these people have decided to pursue that which they had long forgotten. They have made that child in them come to life.

How exciting to be able to finally realize a dream! It doesn't matter what the dream is, you still have the rest of your life to make dreams come true for yourself, and, even for other people.

Remember this; life is short. There is no one standing there telling you what to do, and, if there is someone who is quelling your dreams, they need to be told that you are a grown person, and, can make your own decisions.

I know, it is easier said than done, but, if you talk it out, if you work out the details, if you see that there is potential in pursuing a dream or two, then you should do it, before the hands of time slow you down...

Dream that dream, realize that dream, live that dream. Celebrate that with wide-eyed wonder and anticipation; that child is yet alive and well within you~~~~

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