The Priest and I watched through the screening up in the belfry. We prayed and watched as water took over the land below us. The Priest was Father O'Reilly, and, he was as calm as calm could be.

We heard loud noises coming from below. We did not know if the water was banging things around, or if there were people coming in through the back doors which he did not lock. We listened attentively, waiting for human sounds. There were none, just banging, or the knocking around of objects...

We turned our attention back to what had been the streets and the E-Way. The water was at least 25 feet deep. I wondered how high it might rise. There was no way of telling anything, it was like being cut off from the world.

We felt tremors as we stood under the shelter of the tower. We knew it must be worse for those closer to where the meteor had impacted. We were several states away, still the tremors were quite strong.

I asked Father O'Reilly if maybe we should try to get to roof of the church and cut a hole in it, just in case the water rose higher and higher. That way we could float on the roof, I thought. He pondered this for a while. I was wondering if he was forgetful, or ignoring me.

Finally, he told me that in order to get to the roof, we would have to go down these stairs and into the water, and, then swim to the other side of the church to get up another flight of stairs which would lead to the attic. Now, it was my turn to ponder.

I looked at the steeple shape of the tower, at the screening surrounding the bell. I was looking for some way to get on the roof from here. He shook his head, telling me that we could not possibly get through the steel screening, and there was no way for us to fit where the bell connected to the steeple to gain access to the roof.

I was getting frightened. I wondered what the bell would do to us, if it were submerged in water. We seemed to be trapped. I looked below to see if the water had risen more, and, sure enough it had.

I thought for quite a while, wondering what we could do. I was lost in my thoughts when we heard human voices, calling out to anyone who might hear. We looked outside, nothing, so, we decided they must be coming from within the church. We looked at one another and knew that we would have to descend the stairs to see what was happening, as, neither of us could ignore a cry for help...

Stay tuned....

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