He was a knight in shining armor, literally. He was a knight in the Queen's Royal Service, and, he was highly regarded by the Queen herself, as he had proven his valor and servitude many times over.

He had been with the Royal Army, and, had gone through many levels of servitude before finally becoming a knight. Not just any knight, but, a full-fledged knight in shining armor...

His name was William Chadsworth III. He was 38 years old, and, he was quite dashing. He had a personality of strong reserve, yet, was quite the humorous one.

Wil, as he was called by his family and friends, was on vacation. Each year he was given an entire month of vacation, which was paid in full by the Royal Treasury. Each year, he travelled to a fresh destination, seeking some relaxation and fun.

This particular year, he had chosen to go to Belize. He had heard that it was a remarkable place, and, that it was a very established place with service to die for. All of his reservations, accommodations and so forth, were handled for him. All he had to do was fly and be picked up at the airport(s).

When he arrived, he was whisked away in an inconspicuous limousine, and, taken to the finest hotel available. When he entered the lobby, there were several attendants to care for his every need. They took him to his suite, which was of Royal proportions. He looked around and smiled.

His attendants unpacked his cases, and, set up his attire for the remaining afternoon. He showered and got dressed. It seemed that they had an itinerary all worked out for him. He did not care for this part, but, at the moment, listened to what they had in store. It did not sound too bad, and, so off he went, with his entourage.

First stop was a lovely restaurant on the beach. It was of luxury design and layout. He was led to a rather private room which overlooked a garden on the edge of the beach. It was plush, exotic, and, quite the view. He was pleased thus far.

Within seconds of sitting down, a staff of four was there to accommodate his every wish. He ordered a Scotch and water, and asked what the offerings of the day were. He decided on a meal of Kingly provisions. He was hungry after his hours of travel, and, would eat light later that evening. Course after course arrived, and, he was deliberately savoring each one. In between the third and the fourth course, something beyond the garden caught his eye.

He stopped and stared. He was taken back by the striking woman he saw standing there. She was simply standing and looking out to the sea, but, her angle was such that he could see her fine features. One could not say that she was beautiful, but, she was indeed, striking. He could not stop watching her....

The fourth course arrived and he asked the waiter to please go and inquire if the lady was alone. If she was, would he please invite her to join him that she might be able to enjoy the view with him. The waiter went on his way.

Within a few moments, the woman turned to face the area of the mans presence. She looked at him and smiled. Then, she waved. Wil thought that for sure she would join him, but, she was shaking her head no...

The waiter returned and explained that the lady had declined. She had said that she was not in the habit of joining total strangers under any circumstances. Wil thanked the waiter and pondered this.

He then stood up and walked right through the garden to where the lady was standing. She turned as he said, "Excuse me, I am the one who asked you to join them on the terrace for a while." "Please, pardon me for being so forward, but, I thought that you were the most striking woman I have ever seen, and, I was moved by the way you stand here watching the ocean." "I seem to have lost sense of my manners; my name is Wil Chadsworth, from England." "I am here on vacation, just arrived actually, and, this is my first stop." "Of which I am glad." He then extended his hand, which she took gingerly, and, then he bowed a graceful bow, while kissing her hand.

She looked perplexed. She was curious about this elegant man, and, so, answered. "How do you do?" "My name is Deanna, I am from the States, and, I as well, am here on vacation." "I also just arrived, and, am staying at the hotel down the beach." "I was drawn to this very spot from my balcony, because of the garden and the vantage point." "It is all so lovely, and, I was standing here thinking that this truly is paradise." "Pleased to meet you, Wil."

He then told her that he was in the middle of an extensive meal, and, that he would really love for her to join him. He did not seem too keen to the idea, but, he was able to persuade her with his charms and sense of humor.

They then sat at that terrace room for almost 3 hours. Talking and admiring the entire area around them. She stood and told him that she wanted to rest for a while. He told her that he understood, and, that it sounded like a good idea for him as well. She was getting ready to leave when he grabbed her hands, bowed, and, asked her to join him later that evening. She could not refuse, she so enjoyed his ways; he seemed so regal and was so proper. He asked where she could be found, and, they parted ways.

Each of them slept for about 3 hours. It was well after dinner time, but, he was who he was, and, it was arranged that they have dinner at one of the finest places on the island, which also offered entertainment. He sent a driver to pick her up, and, met her at the restaurant.

When he saw her, he almost cried. She had gone to great lengths to make sure that she looked refined and lovely. He told her that her beauty left him breathless. This caused her to become shy and she giggled. He found this refreshing, and, told her so...

They had a meal of excellence. They chatted quietly, toasted their vacation, and, sat back to enjoy the after effect. The music was charming throughout the meal, but, almost as they finished their last bite, it changed to something a bit more wild and provocative. They looked at one another, and, smiled. He was not used to dancing to such music, but, asked her if she would like to dance. She was unsure of this, but, agreed. They had great fun for a while, then, the music changed again, a romantic ballad blasted through the night, and, he took her, drawing her near and began to sway to the beat.

The connection between them was exhilarating. They could not deny it. There was no turning back or away from it. It was what it was. They melted into one anothers arms, not thinking, just feeling. That one dance seemed to last a lifetime for them, and, they revelled in it as teens would do with their first crush...

Finally, it ended, but, he did not release her. He looked into her eyes and said nothing. His look was fully understood and reciprocated by her. Then he lowered his head and kissed her. There were electric flashes which passed between them. It was beautiful to feel and to watch, as many were. When he stopped kissing her, there was applause. Both were embarrassed, but, it was one of those moments when the world had vanished...

He then asked her if she would like to go and change and spend the rest of the night on the beach. She liked this man, as, that is what she would have done anyway. She said yes, and, they each went to change at their hotels.

When he arrived at the beach, near the garden where they had met, he had a single white rose, a bottle of champagne, and, a basket of edibles. Behind him came his entourage with chaise lounges, blankets, a boom box, CD's, and, other stuff that they might need for the remainder of their time on the beach. He obviously planned on spending some time here, with her. She was giddy from his attention, and, was wondering why he was so well attended, but, did not care to ask right now, as she was going to enjoy this is as long as she could.

It was a gorgeous night. Though it was in the hours of the early morning, it was such a lovely place to observe and enjoy. They walked for a while, holding hands. He would every now and again, stop and watch her as she walked, then, he would kiss her deeply. She was feeling high from his touch and kisses. It was more than romantic, it was enchanting.

They settled down into the chaise loungers and held hands. He poured them each a glass of the bubbly and as he handed one to her, he said, "I would like to propose a toast to the lady whom I intend to propose to!" She was not sure if she had heard him right or not. He looked at her expression and laughed. She frowned, for she was not sure why he was laughing. He said, "My beautiful lady, do not be alarmed." "I have known you from the beginning of time, and, I will know you until the end of time, for you are all that I have been waiting for, and, while this might seem rash, rushed, and, out of the ordinary, I will not be able to ever go forward without you by my side." "Please, do not answer in any way right now, just know what I feel."

She took a long, long look at him. She knew that she felt the same way, but, it had been mere hours of their meeting. She was far more rational than he was. Still, she knew that it was to be, and, he could see it in her eyes.

They sat there, feeling the moment, watching the sunrise. It was going to be a glorious day; in fact, it was going to be a glorious life, for, little did she know that she had found her knight in shining armor...

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