She never realized how much she could endure until she enlisted in the Army and had to prove herself worthy in boot camp and specialized training. She is not much bigger than the average 11 year old, and, the male troops were certain that she would not make the grade.

She knew within her heart of hearts what she wanted to accomplish, and, through rigid conditions and unwarranted harassment, she succeeded, victorious and stronger than ever for the wear.

Being tiny and beautiful were two strikes against her in the conformed minds of her Sargent's, but, she had made them think twice about judging a woman with determination.

This young lady is heading to Iraq soon. She is committed to serving her country; she is determined in her quest to be the best she can be. She is not nervous, though she is anxious. Her brother is also in the Army and has been to Iraq, but, is returning to Iraq one month ahead of her. So, he has informed her of many details of life in the Army and of life in Iraq.

Her aim is to become an Officer. She has thus far achieved excruciating tests of her ability to master the military way, so, I am sure she will achieve this status easily.

One day she is going to make a beautiful bride and wife to some young man, and, he will have found a woman who can make things happen, a woman whose integrity and determination made our country safer, a woman whose compassion was used to serve, honor and protect her homeland. With such a woman as this, and, more like her, the coming generations are sure to be stronger, wiser, and, more adept at handling life in its many complexities...
God bless and keep this new breed of women, as well as the men who serve in our Armed Forces to ensure that freedom remains a role model for all the world to comply to...

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