It is Spring! I can see it everywhere, I can smell it; how awesome are the wonders of this season!

The grass turned green almost overnight, shooting up as if it were racing time. Flowers are peeking through, birds are singing "Hallelujah", the trees have opened their buds, exposing various shades, and hues of green, and there are even flying bugs, plus, the temperatures are rising daily!!!

I know, I make a celebration of Spring, and Summer every year, but, I cannot help myself. Where I live was like a tundra this year, and the time seemed to freeze with the humidity, so, I am more than excited, I am elated!!!

The patio is decked with party lights, patio furniture in place, a new, and larger grill, which has already been used a few times, and this weekend, flowers, herbs, and plants will grace the already excellent setting. Last weekend was actually warm enough to sit out, to bask in the glorious, soul warming sun, leaving its traces upon my winter white skin!!!

Walking season, biking season, Frisbee season, baseball, and softball season, and oh, lots of things to love about this beautiful season!!!

Thank GOD for spring, this season when everything, is new, fresh, and full of life, which helps to alleviate the strife.
Thank GOD for rejuvenation, and rebirth of habitation, for miracles are abloom left, and right, from morning, until the night!!!!


IYAN1982 said...

nice blog

Lynda said...

Thank YOU IYAN1982, I so appreciate the visit, and the kind words!!!