It was early morning; the sun was rising out of the ocean, it was beautiful. I was always awake early enough to catch the glorious sunrise; although, I might nap later. Actually I didn't sleep much in paradise, there was too much to see, too much to do.
Paradise is place where there seems to be perfection: perfection in every last detail; from the sands to the very people that inhabit it. There seems to be an unspoken bond with nature, with peace, with tranquility. Oh, how I love paradise....
I don't know exactly how it came about that I was taken out of paradise. It was long ago. I do know that love, or the illusion of such, had a hand in it... I do know that I have never been quite the same since I departed paradise. That is not a bad thing, it is just a fact. I could have gone back after the love was gone, but, I did not. Why? Wish you could tell me, as, I certainly don't know. Perhaps when you have experienced perfection, you cannot return if you leave it, as, it might be spoiled evermore... Who knows? I do know that it pulls at my heart, it fills my thoughts, and makes me long for those days.
I am thinking that maybe I can find a new kind of paradise, sometime soon. It wouldn't have to be the same as it was, as, after time, what is? It might not even be a place; it could be a person that might lend me that essence of paradise; that would be as good, and, it might be better. For what good is paradise if it is not shared? What waste it would be to wander paradise without being able to express it, elaborate on it, touch upon it. What would paradise be if you were all alone? It would be less than what it is; it would be another place void of the essence of what makes all things worth enjoyment!

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