It is a beautiful, yet, cold day... The sun is shining brightly... Windy, and brisk... Good day for contemplation... I am thinking about ways to make money; thinking about ways to keep the money once I get it... Sound familiar? I am curious about what happened in America that we can't afford to live well anymore? Most families have almost everyone in the household working, and, the more people in the household, the more it costs to live... It is frightening, to say the least. I know that there are a lot of people making the big bucks, but, even they are complaining about the cost of living: these are the people who can afford life and they are the ones who pinch pennies like crazy( such a person told me a while back that the reason that he has so much money is because he watches what he spends like a hawk)! Ha! Not me... I don't believe in hoarding money, especially when you have a lot of it! Anyway, I am sitting here wasting time wondering, thinking, planning, wishing, hoping, and doing little! It is amazing how much time one can waste when they are seeking some recourse... Action is the answer, but, I have been trying a multitude of different things, still not finding anything worth the money or the effort. I am exhausted from searching, tired from scams, lies, empty promises, and my account is hurting too. There has to be some reprieve, but where? I know that there are no easy ways to make it today, and that is not what I am seeking; what I am seeking is something that is reputable, saleable, useful, cost-effective, and long term... Anyone know where to find such a dream????

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