Just because I tell you that I love you,
Doesn't mean that it will forever be true...
So don't assume that because I have told you this,
That I will be there regardless,
It will only be so,
If you know that I might one day go.
You should never take anything or anyone for granted, it is wrong,
This will hinder what you have, it will weaken what was strong...
Make sure to each day count your blessings, material or otherwise,
Show the people who love you, that you appreciate them once or twice..
You never know,
When they might go...
You must remember that things come to you, people too,
By way of caring for you,
They do not have to stay, they stay because you give them reason,
To think that they will accompany you for whatever length of season..
Just so you know,
They are free to come or go...
I take nothing for granted, I learned my lessons well,
The amount of time something or someone stays is a mystery which I cannot tell,
Instead I honor the moments with appreciation of the visit to my life, my heart,
I fully understand that everything has its hour to depart...
I truly know,
That all will come and go...

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