Happy Valentine's Day! To one and all I proclaim,
That everyday should be the same...
There is not enough celebration of,
This powerful feeling that we call love...
Each day should bring out the best in those we care for,
We should express it to them forevermore...
Tomorrow when all the red hearts are put or thrown away,
Wouldn't it be nice to continue this in some small way?
Shouldn't we express what we feel all the while?
Shouldn't our loved ones always have reason to smile?
Make each day count, make it special like this day,
Let those who mean the world to you know it, let them hear you say,
I love you today, tomorrow, and until the end of time, I love you true,
Without you I would not be the same, I would so miss you...
Yes, I think that it would be a wonderful way,
To live out each and every day,
If we were able to live as if each day were a holiday...

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