The sky is blackish gray,
The wind is having its way,
With all that comes into its path,
There will be some damage in its aftermath.
A storm is brewing, you can smell it, you can feel it, you can hear,
When it is getting real near...
I love to watch it grow from a gathering of clouds, far away,
Which combine to make the sun disappear from the day...
Soon the dust is swirling, the Earth is being cleared from the winds being blown,
It can accumulate into such massive fronts, often defying what the radar has shown.
Resonating thunder, powerful cracking of lightening, rain pouring in torrents,
It is fascinating to watch what Mother Nature sends...
Often afterwards, the sun will shine brightly, and, a rainbow will grace the sky,
With such grand beauty, that you would never know that a strong storm had just blown by...

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