Ah, the weekend is upon us! Isn't it amazing, the effect that 2 days have on our mind:
As if we could so easily leave all the pressure, all the business of the week behind!
Still, we look forward to these days off, they are something we would fight to keep,
2 days of balancing, of catching up, and maybe a few stolen, luxurious hours of extra sleep!
After many years of having had to work weekends, I so look forward to,
The days when I can do whatever I choose to do...
Realistically, these days are no different from the rest,
Except that we imagine that we won't be quite as stressed!
All in all, the weekend can be a time of enjoyment, a time to get things done,
Simple pleasures are our reward for being such a responsible one...
It is, of course, a mental state, that we have gotten so used to,
A state we plan for all the over-scheduled week through...
I hope that your weekend will be filled with all you want it to be,
Make it worth all its imagery....

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