It was about 5 a. m., I had been up all night, cruising the Strip; I headed to my favorite vantage point, Sunrise Mountain, to watch the sun rise across the desert. I love Las Vegas! It is a strange mixture of sin and sanctuary. When you live there, you can live 24 hours a day and never get bored! Though you might become sleep deprived. There is so much to do! So many places to go!
I used to go to this vantage point most mornings, as, the sunrise is spectacular! The desert seems to take on the colors of the painted sky, and, it warms the sands almost instantaneously! I used to climb the small mount quite a bit also. It was one of my favorite past times.
I have been and lived in quite a few states, but, Nevada is one of the coolest places to live. It is bazaar in its offerings. So many contrasts exist. It is hot, it is cold, it is urban, it is country, it is sex, it is religious, it is parties, it is quiet, it is crime, it is crime less, it is stark, it is lavish; it is a blend of so many lifestyles and landscapes. It is a state of undefined statements.
It is amazing that people can maintain a life of normalcy in Las Vegas or Reno, but, they do. If you do not gamble, life is pretty ordinary, although, you do have at your whim, an opportunity to go beyond your usual realm of ordinary. You can go out and do whatever you want to do, without the neighbors whispering behind your back. That is another feature I liked about Nevada, you were free to be who you were; there was not much that would shock anyone; they had seen, heard, and more than likely, done it all!
From Hoover Dam, to the mountains overlooking Lake Tahoe, Nevada is a a place filled with activity fit for every imagination; it is a place for every personality.
I will always carry in me the clear images of the places I have lived in or been to; and, Nevada will ever be on the top of my list....

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