Given the nature of my last two posts, I would be inclined to say that I have cabin fever! Ha! While it has not been a severe winter, it has had its memorable storms, ice, snow, and, the tundra effect. And, it is the end of February! Therefore, come on spring! I love the warmer months, there is so much more happiness, activity, and good cheer in the air!
Some people love winter, and, that is fine! They are welcome to it~
Winter has its ecological purpose; it kills bacteria, it replenishes the Earth, it balances the weather patterns, and, so much more. I appreciate it from this stance. Some states that get winter, get a different kind of winter than others. Colorado can get tons of snow (which they did this year) and it will still be warm enough to ski in a bikini! Ha! And some do it! Other states get bitterly cold, they freeze like the tundra; every day is mostly sunless, which has an effect on people's moods and energy levels. And, it seems to last way too long! No, I do not like it! I can deal with it, but, after a while, like now, I am anxious awaiting the gloriously warm, and sunny days. I miss the birds, the flowers, the smells, the presence of life form!
Perhaps it makes me feel better to recall days of past, when I never had to deal with winter; perhaps cabin fever has taken me prisoner for too long, and, I am seeking escape. Whatever it may be, I say, "Hurry up spring!"

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D. Lambert said...

One of the greatest things in the world is a glorious day on the slopes basking in spring-like temps, then hitting the hot tub after dinner when the air has gotten brisk again and the brightest stars you've ever seen are dancing on the blackest sky you've ever seen. For the rest of us, though, the gray skies and sloppy slush are a bit of a drag. ;-)