We were taken to a motel, not a hotel... They said that everything was over ran with survivors of the hurricane, displaced citizens, by the thousands... I was given some cash for food and baby supplies, and, they left us. They said that they would be back daily. The baby and I had been given some clothes, and blankets, and, other such necessities. I turned to inspect the room; it was passable, but, I was so thankful to be alive, I would have stayed in a tent... I turned on the T. V., mostly to drown out the thoughts in my head, and, to entertain the child.
Each day of the week, a certain representative of a certain organization would come to check on us, ask us questions, and, give me information.
At the end of one week, the Red Cross came and told me that my boyfriend had been killed from the impact of the giant wave that had hit our house. I was upset, but, kind of knew. He would have searched the world over for me, if he had been alive.
The child's family also, was drowned. Her name was Kacey Lynn Anderson, and, they were working on finding any living relatives in the U. S.. I asked if there was a possibility that I might adopt her, and, was told that there was, but, because of the magnitude of the storm's destruction and so forth, it would be a long, long wait, and, I would yet have to see if they found any living relatives, who then would decide Kacey's fate.
I was so tired. Tired from all that we had been through, tired from stress and grief. I wanted to cry, but, did not want to upset Kacey, who was the happiest little girl I had ever seen. Perhaps she was wise beyond her time on Earth, and knew, instinctively, that she had been spared. Whatever it was, she was a joy to be around. And now, I could call her by her name...
I was told that we could remain in the motel for a while more. And so, I began planning my new life. I had nothing left, nothing at all. I would be relocated, and, I would have to start from scratch, which given the alternative, seemed wonderful. How many times in your life are you given a new life from the bottom up? And, if you are, why not make the most of it? Life throws some deadly deals our way, and, if we are lucky enough to survive, what comes after seems sweet; though it is really bitter-sweet, it is sweet victory in so many ways... Yes, I was going to be alright, and, even if I couldn't adopt Kacey, I would make sure that I was able to remain in her life, as, we were bonded by more than a storm.... We were bonded by life....

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