Small towns have some advantages over cities.
They are more inclined to make certain days special.
They celebrate with family, friends, and, neighbors alike.
They are friendlier, they are safer, they are sometimes, just what we need.
Now, I have lived in some small towns, small cities, big cities, and, huge cities...
I can say that I found something spectacular about each.
Perhaps that is just the kind of person I am. I need to find something to like about everything, even things I say I hate. There will be something in that hatred which will prove me wrong, again. No kidding....
Here in the city, there are many things to do at any given time, but, there is not a lot of comrade; know what I mean?
There are times you welcome this for sure, however, there are other times when you would like the compassionate kindness, the welcome of a neighbor, such as exists in most smaller towns.
I could handle living in proximity to a massive city, near the water, near some mountains, and, near many beautiful valleys. That way, I could have it all...
Does such a place exist? I don't know, that is why I am writing this.
I have been thinking and dreaming of such a place, and, would really love to find it. I could have the night life of the city, the comforts of a small town, the beach and the waves, the mountains to admire and explore, and, the beautiful valleys for nature's bounty... Wouldn't that be the best?
Here again, I must remind myself that you can't have it all, but, there is this positive urge in me which says I can, and, quite frankly, I like that urge, and, I am tired of arguing with it...

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