I am learning... Blogging and writing are two separate entities. You think that if you are able to write, you can blog. Blogging is so much more!

I am tech deficient, and, have learned what I know so far on my own, or with the help of someone, or by err. If I were tech efficient, I would be on fire~

Writing is a skill, blogging is a technique. Plain and simple.

The blogosphere is full of every imaginable type of blogger, be they techy, into gadgets, gossip, sex, personals, networking, real estate, you name it, you will find it here.

What I have noticed is that writing skills do not necessarily aid your rankings. Some blogs are poorly written, but, because they are of popular subject matters, they are flying on the charts.
I will have to say that this particular blog is just shy of making the 100,000 mark, and, that is awesome. I have not been blogging long, though I have had numerous blogs, and, without that tech edge, I am surprised to learn of the rank of this blog. I owe thanks to those of you who read me and support me. You have made me very happy to exhibit my skill in a world new to me, but, I am ever learning and applying what I am able to...

Yep, blogging and writing are two different formulas, each has its own trek, but, when you are able to combine all of the facets of each, you are on your way to making your mark in the wide open and universal blogosphere!


Ian said...

Regardless of your niche you can't beat good writing to get people to come to (and back to) your blog.

I'm sure you'll find that it's because people enjoy reading what you're writing that makes the visit your blog.

If you want some more info about blogging it's hard to be Lorelle (she write about Wordpress but also general blogging) and Liz Straus

Keep up this excellent blog!

Lyn said...

Thank you so much for the kind and encouraging words. I so appreciate it... and the tip on blogging, will check it out...

blogtrotter said...

(I hope that you can understand this because I don't write in English.. Please traduce !!! lol)

Je ne parle pas bien Anglais mais j'arrive à le lire assez facilement. Je pense donc avoir saisi l'article que tu as écrit.. Mais, justement,Je suis tout à fait d'accord avec toi. Écrire et blogguer sont deux choses tout à fait différentes.. Le niveau (rank) de ton blog est élévé tout simplement parce que tu y écris est à la fois simple mais tellement vrai.. Je bloggue depuis 8 ans et je me suis fais les mêmes remarques.. On est plus lu qu'il n'y parait.. Ainsi va la vie.;quand elle est belle..

Bonne continuation !