She longed to be,
On the sea...
Hours she would spend,
Trying to comprehend,
What it would take for her to be there,
Planning with such detail and flair...
Her heart and mind belonged on the beach,
Where its white sands would seem to forever reach...
She would walk on the place where the land and the water did meet,
That she could feel the tide tickling her feet.
The warm air, the scent of the ocean, the sounds of the waves rolling in,
Would make her happy, oh, so happy, once again...
It would be different than the life she had been living for so long,
A life which was stagnant, and, totally wrong...
She had tried, tried real hard to make it right,
But, there was this place which swelled in her sight,
Which filled her soul,
And, it, of course, would take its toll...
Why should anyone go through life unsatisfied,
Isn't that the same thing as having lied?
If not to yourself to those around you,
For they are not seeing the real person show through...
Yes, she had made up her mind,
That her present life she would leave far behind,
Without regret,
She would easily forget,
As her toes touched the sands of her dreams, she would exhale,
A long, long breath, carrying with it the past, which was all too stale....

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