A mother rushed to get to the bus stop to pick up her child. She made it before the bus got there, and, was standing talking with the other parents who were also waiting for their children.

In a moments time, the sky turned black and had a greenish tint to it. The wind picked up, and, was so strong that tree limbs were being blown all around the group of parents...

Panic seemed to grow rapidly, and, everyone knew that a tornado was about to happen.

No one knew what to do. Some of the more logical and calm people suggested that with such a storm brewing that everyone find cover, and, that the bus had probably had to find a place of safety.

Still, there was doubt amongst the parents. They could not leave without knowing if the bus was coming or not.
The wind was getting stronger and stronger. People were being blown off their feet.

Suddenly, there was the sound of something like an amplified train, coming out of the distance. It was rapidly approaching.
Everyone knew that the funnel would be upon them within seconds, and, they had no shelter within realistic distance. They just screamed, looked at the sky, and each other.

A few people ditched under the benches nearby, thinking that if they were under there they would be safe. The rest look hurriedly around, trying to find something, anything to crawl into or under.
People were running left and right, seeking refuge from the mighty storm. They looked like animals fleeing a predator...

The bus came lumbering up to the bus stop... All of the children were looking out the windows with very frightened faces, hoping for the comfort of their parents.
The parents were suddenly ashamed, and, one by one they came back to the bus stop. Being blown around, they fought with great need to be near their children.

Suddenly the winds and the sound of the tornado were so penetrating that they could feel its strength.

The bus was being blown around like a piece of paper. The children had been told to get down in the aisle of the bus, there was not time for anything else.

Some of the parents were thrashed around such as the tree limbs which were everywhere...
Others were trying desperately to get into the bus...
It was total mayhem, not a calm soul in the crowd.

As suddenly as it had begun, the storm swerved to the far end of town. Everything went calm, though the sky held the remains of it in its color...

Relief was heard, seen, and, felt.

Those who had not been hurt, glanced around to assess the situation.
There were people who were seriously injured, lying around, crying, or unconscious.

The mother who had rushed to the bus stop for her child, took matters in her own hands.
She told those near the bus to get at least two people onto the bus to calm the children and to see if any of them were hurt.
Then she told the rest to help her to get to the people who had been injured, to see what they could do. She also shouted out to those going on the bus to see if the bus driver had any form of communication means.

She then went to a person who looked unconscious; knelt down and checked their pulse. There was a slight pulse. She then began to resuscitate them. They did not respond. She tried and tried and tried. Nothing.

She began pumping on their chest. She had no experience but had read about it somewhere and tried. And tried.Within a few minutes, the person's eyes fluttered open. Then they closed.
She kept at it.

Soon, there were sirens. Help was on the way!
Within seconds, there was an EMS attendant at her side. He asked her what she had been doing; she told him. He then inspected the person, first the eyes, then the vital signs, and, then told the mother, that she had saved that persons life. She was glad, but, was not feeling too happy at the moment.

He gave the injured person an IV, and, called for a stretcher. Soon the person was on the way to the hospital.

The mother turned her focus to the school bus. She was so worried about her child.
As she approached, the young child ran into her arms and hugged her with a force she had never felt before. They were both crying.
Everyone was crying.

Soon, there was the sound of praying: everyone bowed their heads and thanked God for His intervention during the storm.

All of the children were fine. Shaken, frightened, and, crying, but, they were fine.

10 parents had suffered injuries, from serious to mild.
Of course, all of the parents had suffered from mild to severe shock.

The bus driver had called for help before the end of the storm. He had suffered a mild heart attack, and, had been taken to the hospital.

Everyone stood around for what seemed an eternity.

Then, the mother who had rushed to the bus stop remembered the children whose parents had been hurt. She asked some of the parents if they were willing to put the children up until their families had been notified. She took three home herself...

These children were beside themselves with fear of losing their parents. It was going to be a long night. But, everyone was so grateful that they had not all been taken by the fierce storm, they knew that they could endure anything from this point on....

Everyone recovered quickly, there were no fatalities in the entire town.

The mother who rushed to the bus stop was awarded a Good Samaritan plaque, along with other parents.

She also became a very sought after individual, for people knew that they could count on her no matter what the cause...

Since that time, this town has built shelters at every bus stop, and, they have instructed bus drivers of how to cope with unprecedented emergencies, also providing safe routes on which are many shelters along the way...

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