He came at her with the intent of a thousand men. He drove her beyond all feasible excitement.

He tore at her body, mind and soul, with the passion of a wild animal.
He took her, wholly, and, left her without resistance of any kind.

She was ravaged, weakened, passionate, and, full of love for this man who had subdued the last ounce of strength within her.

She did not like what she was feeling; she was hating him for his power over her. She did not take kindly to being overwhelmed, let alone overtaken.

He was a smug son-of-a-bitch! He knew perfectly well what he had accomplished, and, he was beyond cocky. He was more than proud.

Satisfaction gleamed in his beautiful eyes, and, his lips remained in a boldly taunting smile as he looked upon her, the woman he had just defeated with his love.

Yes, he loved her, but, it was more than that. He also needed to rule her. He was commander of the ship of love, and she, his lowly wench.

She was so hating him at this moment. Yet, she knew that there was nothing to be done of it. He was her man, she his lady, and, though he was now with power over her, she knew that he loved her, very much.

Looking at him with a face which told him how she was feeling, he was compelled to laugh at her.
He told her that she might as well get used to it, for they were now together for life. If she would just go with the program all would be well.

And then, he picked her up, forced her against the door, and took her, again and again.

She tried to resist, in the beginning, but, he was too damned good at making her melt.

Now, he kissed her tenderly, looked into her eyes, and, told her that he adored her. She did not respond, but, shyly, put her head down and sighed...

He was right, there was no turning back, he had taken her, tamed her, and, made her into the woman of his dreams, which she was to begin with, but, now she was his and without resistance of any kind...

Again he smiled, his self-assured attitude brought forth spite from her, and, she let him know without words, how much she detested his hold on her.

He once again picked up, threw her on the bed, teased and taunted her, until she was beside herself, and, he then left her laying there.
What an ass he was! She was not going to let him know how far gone she was. She would just roll over and go to sleep.

He had gone to get them a beverage, and, when he returned, she feigned sleep. This aroused him even more, and, he took her as he had never taken anyone before.

They lay in each other's arms, thinking their own thoughts... He turned her face towards his, looked into her eyes, and, with the gentleness of a lamb, kissed her deeply, but sweetly.

She took it all, then, looked at him with eyes that showed that which he knew; she was lost in him and him alone...

They then fell asleep, totally wrapped in each other, and, totally convinced that it would ever be...

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