As a part of the larger picture, I am but a fleck. A fleck of substance.
I am yet an important fleck of substance to the larger picture. Without my dot in the matrix, the matrix would not exist as it is meant to exist.
My color is also imperative to the overall design of the matrix. Without color, it would be colorless. Being of different colors is a planned part of the structure of life.
Life would be so boring without color, and, the colors of people is just as beautiful as the colors of the sky, the grass, the flowers, and, paint. What a panorama of color resides on the skins of the world. One may be brown, but, there are made shades and hues of the brown; same with white skins, which vary from bright pink to olive... Amazing and purposeful design; giving each human their own special shade of coloring. I love it.
Color makes the life we lead seem exciting. It fills our eyes and therefore, inspires our mind; which can be creative or not. Some colors inspire more mechanical minds, as opposed to the colors which inspire artistic minds...
Minds are made to be used. When they are closed with thoughts of prejudice or bias or hatred, they will not grow into their full potential, and, without potential, they die slow and lonely deaths. The mind is to be shared, and, with prejudice and bias, the mind cannot share, and, without sharing, the world would not go forth.
The world has to go forth, it is the condition of humanity. Humanity needs to make the world go forth in great ways; we have to be fair, kind, compassionate, humble and open in order for the world problems to be resolved.
By resolving the world problems, we are guaranteed a future for our offspring, their offspring, and, so forth.
If we deny any of these factors, there is really no need for any further offspring, for life is useless without any of the preceding contributions to the whole of life...

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