Imagine the miles you have travelled in life,
Some were easy, some were riddled with strife.
Recall the destinations you enjoyed the most,
What were the circumstances of which you might boast?

Imagine the people you met along the way,
Do you think of some of them, even today?
What was it about them that made such an impact,
Did they add color to the gathered fact?

Imagine what lessons you have learned along the path,
Do they yet hold significance in the aftermath,
And, do you use the wisdom which came with them, do you,
Feel that each understanding is of importance to what you do?

Imagine that now, after all the places you have been,
After all the tears and smiles of way back when,
That you could have done it different in even the slightest way,
Would you do so, here in this day????


-Jeane Michelle Culp said...

Lovely Lyn! And good question to ponder! Change my path no; took a few more exits – perhaps. A lot more rest stops – yes! Regret for a few paths taken or not – who hasn’t, yet lays the grass for future trails. Nonetheless; changed my path? If merely one blade meant I wouldn’t be where I am at today, than definitely a reiterated no!

Lyn said...

Thank you -jeane michelle culp! I am sure we have all wondered what if? However, we have come to be as we are meant to be, and, all of the roads we have travelled thus far have definitely made us the persons we are, so, while we are tempted to ponder, what if? is it wise or even necessary to do so? Still, human nature prevails... Again thanks for your comment and kind words... I do appreciate it...