She saw him smiling at her. She tried to act as if she did not, but, there he was, in her view, smiling non-stop.

She looked at him intently before responding; even this did not slow the smile on his face. He was obviously very happy just looking at her.

It made her feel self-conscious, but, he was nice looking, and, he did look like he was intelligent, and, he appeared to be a professional of some sort. So, she finally smiled back.

Within seconds, he was on his way to her. She was sitting in a booth, in the middle of the restaurant, alone. He reached her booth, and asked if he might sit down. She shyly told him that he could.

He looked at her with the eyes of a hungry man; he made her feel like an entree which he favored. This bothered her, but, he sensed her discomfort and decided to introduce himself.

His name was John. Ha! She did not believe it for one moment!

She told him her name was Jane, and, he looked right through her. He told her that he did not believe that was her name. She asked him why and he told her, "Well, for one thing, you are much too beautiful to have such a plain name as Jane, and, for another, you may have forgotten, but, you have a name label on your suit jacket which says your name is Samantha!"

She turned 20 shades of red. How had she forgotten that? She laughed and said to him, "Well, I seriously doubt that your name is John!" He looked bewildered and asked her why she did not believe him.

"It is just one of those hunches, call it woman's intuition.", she said. He reached into his fine suit jacket and produced his wallet, showing her that indeed, his name was John. John Ricardo to be exact.

Again, she was embarrassed, and apologized. She asked him what he was doing here in the restaurant, and, if he was local or not.

He told her that he was from Chicago and that he was here on business. "Of course you are!", she thought to herself. She then asked him what business he was in. He told her that he was in software management, and, that his position took him all over the world. He said that he was a specialist and that major computer companies sought out his expertise constantly.

She was thinking that she should not let this go any further. Why waste time on a traveller? Still, there was something about him which kept her interested.

He asked her what she did for a living and she told him. She was an organizer for events and trade shows. Thus, the name tag. She had just left the convention center, after making sure that all was going well, and, had just mindlessly wandered into the restaurant which was pretty much across the street.

He looked at her seriously, as if he were trying to scope her out from the inside out. She was getting a bit nervous, which he picked up on immediately.

He said, "Don't mind me, I am just observing something very intriguing and trying to store it for future reference." This made her blush and smile.

She then asked him how he became such a charmer. He told her that there was no charm, that he was speaking what he felt. He told her that life is short, and, when certain people cross your path, you must take the opportunity to see what is what.

Samantha was very interested in this handsome stranger, and, even stranger was the fact that she was. She was usually very cool to such blatant flirtations, but, for some reason, this time she was curious and wanting more.

She was going to say something, but, her food arrived. She asked him if he would care to join her for dinner. He said that he had just eaten, but, he would love to keep her company while she ate. She was not going to say no, though, the thought of him watching her eat made her more than self-conscious.

They talked, and, laughed and enjoyed every moment of their time together. After she was finished eating, they had a snifter of B & B, and, then, it was getting late.

He asked her where she lived; she told him within 30 miles. He laughed and said, "Alright, well, I guess the idea of me coming home with you is out of the question?" She said, "You are absolutely correct." He smiled that heart warming smile, and, told her, "No rush, I can wait to get to know you better." "I will be in town for a week or so, if you would like to see me, you can reach me here." He handed her a card with the name of a prestigious hotel written on it and the room number. She looked at it and said, "Nice place to stay." He said, "Well, it is all picked up by the companies I do business with, so..."

She decided that she really had to go, though she did not want to leave this man. He told her that he would walk her to her car, but, she had been raised to be more cautious than that and told him so. He laughed, but said he could appreciate that.

And so, they stood and looked at one another, shook hands, and, said good night.

Samantha thought about John all night, and, all day the next day. She picked up the phone about 20 times to dial his room number, but, was so shy about this whole thing. Finally about 8 p. m., she did call him. The phone rang and rang. She was going to hang up when she heard someone pick up. It was the front desk. They asked if she would like to leave a message, which she did. Within 15 minutes, he called back. She was glad, and, they talked for over an hour before he said to her, "Would you like to meet me for a drink or some fun on the town?" She said, "John, it is after 9 already..." He said, "And so?"

She thought about this for a quick moment and said, "You know what?" "You are right." "It is not like I have a curfew or anything." And so, they made plans to meet asap at one of the restaurants which featured live entertainment.

She rushed around trying to find just the right thing to wear, brushed her hair, touched up her make-up, and, then left. She was so excited to him again.

They had a great time together. At 12:45 a. m. she told him that she had to go. He looked disappointed, but, she did have to be to work in the morning. He told her that he also had to be available for conferences, but, he just wanted to stay where they were, the way they were forever. She told him he was sweet, kissed him on the cheek, and, turned to go.

He stopped her in her tracks by saying, "I fell in love with you just over 24 hours ago, and, if it takes the rest of my life to make you love me, so be it."

Samantha had never been easily wooed or affected by the words of men, but, somehow, she knew that this one would keep his word...

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