It began as an ordinary day; the sun rose, the usual getting ready for the day ahead, and, suddenly everything changed.

The Earth had been hit by a Meteor. It was a large one, though not massive. It's effects would change life as we knew it. I had just happened to have the news on, and, could not move from the television as I watched in horror.

It had hit in the Atlantic Ocean. I was beginning to feel vibrations beneath my feet. All coastal areas were under evacuation. But, could they evacuate fast enough to save anyone? And, the earthquakes were already happening.

There were going to be massive tsunamis and tidal waves. Waves large enough to drown most of the Earth. Such a great disaster as mankind never knew before.

I picked up my cell, wanting to call everyone and anyone to see how they were faring. Of course, there was no connection. I thought of my life, those I loved, and the rest of the world. I did not know what to do.

There came a knock at my door. It was the Police, they were going around telling everyone of the disaster and giving instructions. I was told that I should try to get to the center of the United States if I could. This was not easy for any of us.

I gathered up some belongings, and, grabbed some food and water. I went to my car, crying, wondering if I would ever see my children again. They were away at camp and I did not know how to get to them, though I imagined that the officials would make sure they got to safety. I was trying to decide to drive to the camp or to go on my way. It was killing me inside. What kind of Mother would not try to get to her children?

Of course, I talked myself into driving to the camp, knowing it was a bad decision, but, my babies! As I tried to get on the E-way, I noticed that they were wall to wall, bumper to bumper for more miles than I could see. This was going to be an adventure I would not look forward to.

Hours and hours of waiting. Tremor after tremor. I tried to listen to the radio, but, it kept fading. What were we to do?

There was tension in the air. People were being rude, inconsiderate, and, absolutely stupid. Some were getting out of their vehicles and creating havoc on the roadways. I could see people crying, praying, and, those in shock. Human nature always prevails, regardless of the enormity of the situation. I tried to relax, but, fate would not have that....

All of a sudden, a huge flood filled the corridors of the freeway. Oh my God, people were going to drown. It was a surge of water which immediately filled the corridor. I looked for a way to get off the street on which I was waiting to gain access to the ramp. There was no where to go. I grabbed what I could, without thinking about what I was grabbing, and, decided to run as far away as I could from the rising waters. I was not alone in this decision, and, people were pushing people out of their way.

I went an opposite way of the crowds of running people. I knew there was a church nearby. I would go there and try to get into the attic and onto the roof. I would be safer there....

Stay with me for more!!!

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