One of my favorite things in life is the way the sun filters through leaves, blinds, drapes, and, whatever else it filters through.

I love the lines of light and shadow. It is a warm appearance of natural art.

Have you ever lay down beneath a large tree when the sun is brightly shining, and, watched it dance through the softly moving leaves? It is a light show of nature, and, it is beautiful indeed.

There are certain rooms in certain houses where the sun filters, which then reflects off of certain objects, leaving prisms, and, exaggerated shadows. I am fascinated by the suns effect on objects of every description, as each angle of the sun is remarkable, and, each angle, no matter how close, is very different, and, so is the heat from that sun beam.

The sun beams or rays, can make a scene more memorable. For instance, you are on vacation at an exotic resort. You are lazy, as that is what you went there for. You are taking in the sights, the sight of the oceans, the beaches, the people, and, yes, the sun. You have a lovely room, which in the morning has dancing sunbeams on every wall except one. These sunbeams are reflections off of the water, which in turn are reflecting off of the mirrors, glass of the sliding doors and so forth. The sunbeams cast a magical spell to an already magical time, and, they will be embedded in your memory for quite some time...

Yes, the dancing and filtering sun can add magnificence to your days and evenings, and, they can be captured in more ways than one...

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