Little children full of fun,
Sharing love with everyone,
Innocent to the world's ways,
Such is the pleasure of their days...

Playing, laughing, goofy, and, sweet,
Each one a character without repeat;
Acting out their imagination without regret,
How much better could life get...

Older children developing attitudes,
Treating others rather rude,
Thinking that they know so much,
With their age, they begin to lose touch...

They play gangsta, Queen, and, drug addict,
Their roles are not easy to predict,
For around their parents they are yet the child,
When they are out of sight, their personalities run wild...

High school ends, they are facing life on their own,
Responsibility such as they have never known,
They yet try to be cool as they can be,
Though they are weighed down with pressures they now begin to see...

Their role in the world takes on new meaning, it is not,
As they had once thought.
They realize that all the games they played against the grain,
Have caused many people unwarranted pain...

Some will grow from this discovery,
Others will further pursue their bad selves relentlessly;
We never know what kind of child we will raise,
Until they are forced to provide for themselves, each of their days...

The strong and wise,
Will arise,
They will take their place,
To become adults of grace...

Others will rebel and say that they will not give in,
As they battle the good guy within,
They will wind up with people who bring them down,
As they unleash their aggression upon the town...

It is interesting to see the children who fail to grow,
As their mark on life they struggle to show;
They have not grasped on to the system, they have no clue,
What they live for, or what they will ultimately do...

Even some of these lost children might turn out right,
If someone near them puts up a fight,
And, leads them with the power of strength and love,
Causing them to wonder what they were thinking of...

It is a shame to see the many paths children might take,
They need lots of direction for their own sake;
No matter what they do, say, or act out,
They need a clear, and, solid vision of what life is all about...

Every parent believes that their child will turn out alright,
They don't consider the influences which are out of their sight,
This is the reason it is imperative to take the lead,
Parenting is still one thing which all children need....


Sam Chan said...

Wow... this is superb, Lynda!
Indeed, good parenting is vital especially newer generation. Otherwise, this could be the last generation.

Best Wishes
Sam Chan

Lyn said...

Thank you! You are right... some are like Mad Max characters... sad and scary... thanks for the kind words and the visit...