I see endless colors before my sight,
Life is not black and white,
The rainbow exists even in humanity's skin,
As does the sun and the moon shine within...

The Creator could have made us all the same,
That there would be no reason to hate or to blame,
But, that would make life a bit drab, a bit too easy; you see,
There is purpose for everything to be...

I like the array of colors, they brighten the world, making it interesting,
I do not find race or creed, threatening or intimidating.
Instead, I find that I learn, and experience what He designed,
As I seek to see how it is all intertwined...

Cultural differences make for the spice of life,
Though there is little difference in the plight of strife,
If people could realize that we are one family,
Then we could find peace, certainly...

I look around and notice the colors before my sight,
They fill my senses with pleasure and delight;
What was intended in Creation is far beyond our comprehension,
Though it fills us with experience from every possible dimension,
and therefore should be embraced as miraculous, instead of stirring dissension...

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