I was trying to sleep the other night, and well, [I am sure that other writers, lyricists, and artists, can relate to this], I had to get up, as it started penetrating my mind, making me anxious, and not wanting to lose the flow of anything, I needed to jot down what was going on. I was up until almost 4 working on what had come to me as I lay down. What came to me? My next project, a book. I love how things arise like this from the depths of the soul, to inflame the mind, the spirit, and inspire the succession of words which follow such a revelation. It is awesome, don't you agree???

I got most of the pertinent details worked out, such as the title, the table of contents, the preface, the cover, and a few other things. I like that it has started out like this, as often, these details can derail the whole project, for they often are the most difficult to come to terms with, and so, I can now go, chapter by chapter, based on what is laid out before me, as opposed trying to determine what should go in what chapter. Cool, eh? I sure think so...

When things come together, such as this project did so naturally, if I get stuck in one area of writing, I can try to work on another, think? Since the chapters are so perfectly in order, I can go back and forth as thoughts present themselves. It is like, Yeah, this IS meant to be. I have never been more sure that this is right!!!

My whole life I have awakened to write this, or that. Often, I can hear my words being sung by someone, and I have to obey, arise, and pen it before it slips away. It is sometimes difficult to do, but, once you do it, you are geeked, and the words have a life of their own. This is one of the most fascinating aspects of being a writer, and I obey, most times. Sometimes I awaken with nothing more than an idea, but, an idea which is burning in me, and I jot this down, that at a later date, I can work it out. One never knows what is lying in store, especially when one is driven to produce...

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you were not free to express the artist within? If you could not record your thoughts, if you could not create? Wow! That would be like living in an asylum, and could probably drive some people that mad, think???

Lately, things have been happening for me, in small, but, significant ways, and I feel that my life as a writer is beginning to shape to the point where it is going to finally pay off. I like this feeling, as it aids in creating, and aids in providing the energy necessary to fulfill such. If I have to write in the oddest hours of the day/night, I will find the gumption to do so, for my inner assurance feels that it is time, and that it is being led, and I do believe that this is how it happens...:))))

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