Autumn, a time for greenery to fade away,
While, in fallen leaves, children do play,
Certain smells fill the air, such as the muskiness of dirt, and flowers gone dry,
Little by little, darkness seems to devour, the once blue sky.
The weather turns cooler, with each night,
As the winds whisk through, dried up memories of Summer dance with delight,
Being carried to places where they will create compost for the Earth,
That once again, in Spring, there will be healthy rebirth.
Beautiful colors line the roads, the streets,
Some to be stored in between waxed paper sheets,
Halloween decor takes over, with goblins, and monsters of all kinds,
As Trick or Treat? fills our minds.
There are trips to cider mills, with their wonderful fare,
The scent of such places is that to which few other things compare.
Apple doughnuts are divinely tasty, the cider is good too,
Plus, all sorts of other fruited goods, are waiting for you!
We busy ourselves with school, work, and prepping for the Holiday season,
You see, it is set up that with each quarter, we have ample reason,
To embrace, and celebrate life; though, there are times when,
We wish for it to be one, or the other, again.
Fall is rather interesting, I would say, as it inspires many things,
There is a vast array of events, added to the conditions it brings.
Enjoy it, it passes much too fast,
Unlike Winter, which seems to last, and last...

LWINSOR © 2009

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