A peaceful place exists where no one can interfere with what you do,
It is a place that is by design, inbred within you...
Here is a loft where you can be whatever you want to be,
Without thought of scorn, ridicule, judgement, or jealousy.
We all have wandered there before,
Some go back for more and more...
There in the recesses of your mind,
You can leave everything behind;
It is in this sanctuary that you can find whatever you need,
It is here that is borne the creative seed;
For when you are here, you can heal, you can listen to the serenity of your being,
Here you can tune into what you are seeing.
This place is the center for all meditation,
Where we acquire intrepid acclamation...
Here is the calm state of being one with your own true nature, your own soul,
That you might come forth with a more understood sense of control...

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