HAPPY 2008~~~

Hark! I hear the not so distant chimes of the New Year,
I can detect their precision, it is so clear!
With excitement, anticipation, and more,
I gladly release the year before....

What? Is there magic as the bells toll?
Does the New Year somehow cleanse the soul?
What is the mysterious feeling generated by,
A New Year, do you know, and, if so, why?

How can a moment of a day of a night,
Suddenly make everything seem so bright?
How can the chimes bring,
Better to everything???

Hark! I feel the sensation from the sound,
Of the chimes as the incessantly pound,
Driving away all bad from the past,
Such hope we have, yet, does it last???

Oh, the New Year is almost here,
With a message that we will persevere;
Perhaps there is something to this after all, maybe,
The New Year does bring refreshed will for you and me...

Yes, I look forward to the chimes of midnight,
And the explosions of crystal light.
I will embrace what comes my way,
As a gift from New Years Day...

Hark! I hear the chimes in the distance, though not so far,
I think that at that time I will wish upon a star,
That I might hold on to whatever grace this year has in store,
That I enjoy it like never before....

Happy New Year to one and all, may it be full of love, peace, happiness, prosperity, good will, and, blessings unmeasured by time past....

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